Don’t Fall for the “Double Miles” Marketing Ploy

Few credit card companies have spent more money on advertising than Capital One has over the last 5 years.

And from where I am sitting, the results have been incredible. I get dozens of emails a week asking about their Venture Card.

Most of them sound something like this.

Hi Bryce,

I just saw an ad the other day for the Capital One Venture Card and it said you earn double miles on everything you buy. They also said that there are no blackout dates for using the miles and that they work on any airline.

Given that most other cards only earn one mile per dollar spent and have tons of restrictions on using them, is this the best travel card I can get?


So I wanted to take a minute to set the record straight.

Capital One

Today we are going to take an honest look at the Capital One Venture Card. I’ll walk you through its strengths and weaknesses, and hopefully help you make a decision on whether this is the right card for you.

Before we do that however, let’s cover the basics. Continue Reading


Tragedy of the Commons (And How to Make $15 in <60 seconds)

Happy Friday, Travel Junkies.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I announced my first side hustle and things seem to be off to a good start.

So good in fact that many of you are having a hard time finding Visa Gift cards. Myself included.


This was to be expected, as the opportunity to earn ~$2,000 of profit in such a short time period was sure to bring out even the most passive points/miles enthusiasts.

The downside to this however is that these opportunities also bring out some of the more irresponsible players in this game. Continue Reading

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Side Hustle: How to make $2,000 in 60 days with Discover and Apple Pay

For the first time in a very long time I read a points/miles headline that even I didn’t believe.

I’m still convinced that SOMETHING has to give here. This can’t be. It’s just too good to be true. 

But for the time being I think this is going to work, and I want to share this opportunity with you while it is still around.

I promised to deliver ideas for side hustles and today we are going to start in a big way.

Let’s get rolling.

Last week Discover made a bold move by announcing a new partnership with Apple Pay that features a very lucrative promotion. Here’s an excerpt from their press release.

From September 16, to the end of the year, cardmembers who pay with their Discover card using Apple Pay will automatically earn an extra 10% Cashback Bonus on up to $10,000 of in-store purchases. Discover it Miles, Miles and Escape cardmembers will earn an extra 10 miles per dollar on up to $10,000 of in-store purchases.

Yes, you read that right. 10% cash back on any purchase made with a Discover card using Apple Pay, up to $10,000 in purchases between 9/16 and the end of the year.

Even to the average consumer this is a huge opportunity to save money, but it’s even more lucrative for those of us who are currently “spending” tens of thousands of dollars by manufacturing spend with the Target Prepaid Redcard.

More on that in a second.

But first, a quick note on how to make this promotion even more lucrative. Continue Reading

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Side Hustle: How to Make Money to Supplement Your Income

Just for fun, I googled “how to make side income” to see what groundbreaking ideas I could find on the internet.

Here are a few that I came across:

  • Carve walking sticks and sell them at a flea market
  • Become a professional cuddler (Totally not creepy at all)
  • Become a beekeeper and sell honey
  • Donate breast milk (yes, this is a thing)

Donate Breast Milk

I have always been fascinated with the idea of passive income and have pursued a number of ways of earning it.

Many of them have failed, but a few of them have worked out quite well.

Over the coming weeks I am going to share a few of these ideas with you. And I promise that none of them will require you to cuddle with strangers or part with your hard earned breast milk.

In fact, I’ve already tested all of these methods myself and I’ll only be sharing the ones that have been proven to work. Continue Reading


15 More 15-Minute Chats (And more hilarious videos)


Why is it that we humans love to watch people fail at things? No, no major things weirdo. That’s just cruel.

But little things, like falling off a trampoline or running in to a glass wallIt’s hilarious. As long as it’s happening to someone else of course.

Anyway, today I want to do the opposite. I want to watch you succeed. Which is why I am giving away 15 more 15-minute conversations with me.

No sales pitch, no commitments, no BS. Continue Reading

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Another GFF Success Story – 6 Vacations for Next to Nothing

Steve Travel Hacker

Hi Travel Junkies,

Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite readers, Steven from Pittsburgh.

Steven has been absolutely killing it with free travel lately, but his success didn’t come overnight.

In fact, it took more than a year for him to get started with the points/miles game. After a little bit of a push from myself and a few of my readers, Steven finally decided to get started with earning points/miles and he hasn’t looked back since.

He has taken 6 free trips in the last year and is well on his way to booking many more.

His success so far has been nothing short of remarkable.  So I invited him to answer a few questions for the GFF community with the hope that it will inspire more of you to follow in his footsteps.

Take it away, Steven.


How did you get started in the world of points/miles? What finally convinced you to get started and what were some of your first steps? Continue Reading

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5 Thoughts – Cancun

Cancun View

Have you ever asked someone a simple question, only to receive a response with WAY too much information?

I used to live with someone who did this. Here’s how one of our conversations went a couple years ago.

Me: “So what is this Game of Thrones show about?”

Him: “Ok, so there are these families, right? And they all have kingdoms. The Lannisters, who are the ones with a golden lion on their flag, are enemies with the Stark family, who lives in the north and have a direwolf on their flag. Oh and the Lannisters control Kings Landing, which is pretty crucial. Oh and Jamie Lannister is called “The King Slayer” because he killed one of the kings he was supposed to protect, oh and they’re friends with House Tyrell, who…….. (10 minutes later)…..and that’s the basic overview”

Me: (pretending to have actually understood any of that) “… Thanks”

I was looking for a twitter-length synopsis of the show, and instead got a 10-minute overview of every character and plot twist.

Searching for travel advice is no different.

Google “Things to do in X city” and you’ll find dozens of complex travel guides, trip reports, and poorly written advice from people who have never even been to the city they are writing about.

(My favorite are the TripAdvisor reviews that go something like “My husband and I visited this place. It was nice”.)

The process is incredibly frustrating, and often creates more confusion than clarity.

I’m a big fan of keeping things simple. Which is why I am happy to introduce a new type of post on GFF called “5 Thoughts”.

5 Thoughts is exactly what the title indicates, 5 simple thoughts about a specific travel destination that I have visited.

No lists of “100 things to do in X city”, no attempts to sell you expensive travel packages, and no long-winded overviews of how you should spend every minute of your precious travel time.

Just 5 thoughts that went through my head while visiting a new place that might help you plan your own trip.

Let’s get to it.

Here are 5 thoughts I had after visiting Cancun, Mexico:

1. You don’t have to stay at an all-inclusive resort

When researching where to stay in Cancun the general consensus seemed to be that an all-inclusive resort was the way to go. Continue Reading


Does Closing a Credit Card Hurt Your Credit Score?

Credit Report

Today we are going to tackle one of the most common questions I get.

Does closing a credit card hurt your credit score?

Let’s start with a succinct answer.

Closing a credit card will likely have little to no effect on your credit score.

Boom. I said it.

Now before you send me an email telling me I’m wrong because your grandma/boyfriend/parent/friend who studied Finance for 2 weeks told you otherwise, hear me out.

Remember that credit advice is a lot like fitness advice.

It’s not always logical, the vast majority of people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, yet nobody hesitates to dish out (usually terrible) advice.

Stick to the Facts Continue Reading

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GFF Reader Success Story – Hotel and Flight to Thailand for $72.80

Thailand Beach

I love unapologetically bragging about some of the amazing successes that many of readers are having.

Some of you are absolutely killing it with free travel, and you deserve to have your stories shared with the world.

“G” is one such reader. He bought my book about 1 year ago (before it was free – thank you advertisers) and hit the ground running.

Last month he booked the trip of his dreams to Chiang Mai, Thailand for less than he spent on his bar tab last weekend.

G was able to book this amazing itinerary using just 3 credit card bonuses (Chase Sapphire Preferred, United MileagePlus Explorer, and Starwood Preferred Guest) and a little bit of manufactured spending.

All told it took about 6 months to accomplish.

Take it away, G.

Tell us how you got started with points and miles. When did you decide to give it a try and what was the tipping point for your decision?

I got started because I wanted to travel to Southeast Asia and had no idea how I was going to pay for it. I started researching how to do this and found Bryce.  I reached out to him and he was very approachable and receptive.  He made me feel at ease and that I could really venture down this path and achieve success.  The tipping point for me was the enthusiasm Bryce had and encouragement he showed to me. Continue Reading