Get More Out of Travel (and Life) by Doing Less

Bryce Hangin' in Maui

Today’s post is going to take a different approach than many of my previous posts.

We’re not going to talk about how to save money on travel.

There is absolutely no mention of points, miles, or credit cards (other than in this sentence).

And yet this might be the best advice I share with you this year.

I promised to help you find freedom in 2015 by expanding my focus beyond the world of saving money on travel. Today is another step to making good on that promise.

Remember that traveling is never in and of itself the goal. Traveling is only the means to accomplish other goals like escaping the grind of day-to-day life, learning self-reliance, and finally being able to unplug and relax.

Which is why today I want to talk to you about how you can get more out of traveling (and life) by doing less. Continue Reading


Will I Lose All of My Points If I Cancel My Credit Card?

Guy who loses his points

A couple weeks ago I made a very costly rookie mistake. I cancelled a credit card without thinking, and forfeited about $400 of rewards points in the process.

Here’s how it went down.

It was a beautiful sunny day in Columbus, which is pretty rare in early April.

I’m sitting in a Starbucks, trying my best to avoid looking like a hipster while sipping coffee and doing my monthly points/miles check-up.

This is a ~20 minute monthly ritual where I take stock of my open credit cards (using my awesome free spreadsheet), tally up my points for future trips, and close old credit cards that are about to be hit with annual fees.

I’ve done this dozens of times now so I have the entire process down to a science. I even copy and paste the same email scripts for closing credit cards. (I’ll share these with you in a future post). Continue Reading


Giveaway – (15) – 15 Minute Chats with Bryce

Giveaway - (15) - 15 Minute Chats with Bryce

Hi again, Travel Junkies.

Last week I introduced you to Marcus, one of my newer readers who just booked 2 flights to Paris for $185. Marcus got started by taking advantage of one of my 15-minute chats in January.

Today, I want to give you that same opportunity.

I am giving away 15 more 15-minute conversations where we can talk about whatever you like.

No sales pitch, no hassles, no BS.

Just 15 minutes of my full attention to answer any of your questions.


Here are some examples of things we can talk about: Continue Reading